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1. How can I find out more about Margaret Fuller’s life and accomplishments?

a. Margaret Fuller Chronology
b. Biography -- The Early Years
c. "By Genius Belonging to the World" article
d. Links to other online biographies
e. Links to books available for purchase online

2. Are the books and articles written by Margaret Fuller available online?

Yes, folllow these links:
a. Conversations with Goethe in the Last Years of His Life (translated by MF into English)
b. "The Great Lawsuit: Man vs. Men Woman vs. Women," published in the Dial magazine
c. Summer on the Lakes, in 1843
d. Woman in the Nineteenth Century and Kindred Papers Relating to the Sphere, Conditions, and Duties of Woman

3. What archival institutions have collections related to Margaret Fuller?

a. Massachusetts Historical Society
b. Houghton Library, Harvard University See also the available digital collections.
c. Boston Public Library
d. Fruitlands Museum

4. What images are available of Margaret Fuller?

a. Images of Margaret Fuller
b. Library of Congress image search results

5. What extant properties are associated with Margaret Fuller?

a. Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House (birthplace) Cambridge, MA
b. Brattle House, Cambridge, MA
c. Emerson House, Concord, MA
d. The Old Manse, Concord, MA
e. 13-15 West Street, Boston, MA (Elizabeth Peabody's bookstore; site of MF's Conversations)
f. Mount Auburn Cemetery (memorial) Cambridge/Watertown, MA
g. please e-mail us and we'll add other sites

6. What’s being done to honor Margaret Fuller’s Bicentennial?

a. Calendar of Events
b.  Sermon Writing Contest 
c.  Postage stamp nomination letter
d. “By Genius Belonging to the World” article

7. How can I get involved?

a. Register on the home page to receive e-mail updates
b. Contact Us
c. Donate and support the project
e. Plan an event. Then e-mail us the details to post on the calendar
f. Order the traveling display and exhibit it at your organization
g. Become a Community Partner!
h. Enter the Sermon Writing Contest
i.  Download the Worship Resources Packet

8. What groups or clubs study Margaret Fuller?

a. Margaret Fuller Society
b. American Literature Association

9. What plays have been written about Margaret Fuller?

a. The Margaret Ghost by Carole Braverman
b. Charm by Kathleen Cahill (link to recent news article)
c. Medley for Margaret Fuller by Laurie James
d. Margaret Fuller: The Soul's Exuberance by Ruth Garbus

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Margaret Fuller: A New American LifeMegan Marshall’s much-awaited biography of Margaret Fuller is here!

Advance reviewers have already praised Margaret Fuller: A New American Life as “a magnificent biography,” “spectacularly detailed” and written with a “unique intimacy.”  Emerson’s biographer Robert D. Richardson writes, “this is the book Margaret Fuller would have wanted.”

Marshall tells the story of Fuller’s rise to prominence among the Transcendentalists, her vexed relationship with Ralph Waldo Emerson, the flowering of her feminism in New England and her departure for New York to write for Horace Greeley’s Tribune “at home and abroad,” leading to her love affair with Giovanni Ossoli—all with fresh insight and uncommon pathos. Synthesizing the scholarship of recent decades and drawing on her own research finds—a new record of Fuller’s famous Conversations for women, an Emerson letter describing Thoreau’s findings at the site of the fatal shipwreck, an engraving of Rome belonging to Fuller that survived the wreck—Marshall brings our great American heroine to new and vivid life.  If you loved The Peabody Sisters, Marshall’s first award-winning biography, you will love Margaret Fuller.